Mistress Bliss


I have a wide range of interests so if you do not see your fetish/kink W/we can discuss this via email!

All sessions can be customised for your specific needs should I resonate with them.

  • Pegging:

Theres nothing quite like a stunning & powerful Woman with a raging hard-on! Spread your cheeks and take every inch of My cock, you filthy fucking slut. Be it a virgin ass or a seasoned player, I have all shapes and sizes for your hungry hole, ranging from petite to absolutely Monstrous! 


  • Human Toilet (£100 extra):

Watch Me squat over your face, open your mouth to drink from Me, eat from Me, lap up My piss and shit from the floor. Lucky slave aren't you.. My golden nectar and tasty caviar is astonishingly delicious. Weather its a gift from a Goddess or a curse from the Devil Herself, you will devour everything I have to give you and beg for more. Don't swallow yet My disgusting little toilet slave, no no no, not until I say. Cant get it down? Well I'll just have to force it Myself, wont I?!

  • Impact play: 

Spanking, slapping, whipping, flogging, paddling, caning, straps.. 
I love to take you on a physical and psychological journey through impact play, punish the flesh, purify the skin and wash away your sins. This can be a sensual and deep process or an intense and cathartic experience which can take you to altered states of consciousness through the beauty of pure PAIN. 

  • Tie, Tease & Denial:

Perfect for novices and newbies! You are deliciously restrained under My hand, vulnerable and exposed. I will tantalise you with My voice, My seductive touch and draw you into My erotic games. The tensions will rise as you are edged to the point of delirium, aching and begging for Me to take you further over the edge.Will I? Beg a little more and let's find out.

  • Bondage and Restraints:

Close your eyes and surrender to the various methods I use to entrap you. Be it ropes, belts, cuffs, mummification, a rubber vac bed, a leather sleep sack, etc. I will capture you, bind you tight and tease/torture your delicate flesh. Some have said it's the ultimate form of erotic submission. You will be aching for more.

  • Sissification:

I know your deepest desire is to be My good little slut! I'll dress you up in the trashiest outfits to attract all the sleazy boys and you'll learn how to suck and fuck, using all the holes you have like a good little whore. You best make your Mistress proud or else I'll find another dirty bitch to replace you. 

  • Foot/High Heel/Stocking Worship:

On your hands and knees slave, lick and kiss My perfect toned legs. I'll rub My sweaty, smelly feet in your face and push them down your throat until you gag. Then you will wash My soft feet, massage them with oil while I sit back and relax. You'll be forced to lick the dirt off My heels and boots like the little dog that you are.

  • Wax Play:

A favourite of Mine! I'll restrain you so you cant move and inch and sadistically douse your most sensitive body parts in hot wax of various temperatures. You'll squeal and jump while I laugh My ass off. Dried wax is only removed with My Japanese Katana mini sword - better not make any sudden movements :)

  • Nipple Torture:

Another favourite of Mine! Restrained of course, you'll be at the mercy of My many evil toys. Enjoy (or don't) My clover clamps, wooden pegs, chop sticks, rubber bands, hot wax, needles, weights, teeth & my deadliest weapons - my fingers!

  • Chastity & Key Holding:

Every cock should be locked up tight.. completely restricting your ability to play with that useless little piece of flesh? I have the key and I'm not giving it up - you're Mine now. Your tiny dick will swell against the steel of the chastity cage and ache for My amusement. Such pathetic man meat has no use being free. It's My property and I want it locked down!

  • Rubber Everything:

Experience Mistress dripping in rubber, from head to toe! Assist Me in applying My rubber finishing touches, shine up every inch and revel in My shiny latex curves. Now its time to lose your identity behind a rubber mask and transform into My latex toy. Dream of being imprisoned in semi or full rubber, engaging your senses, sight, touch, smell while I tease and tantalise? Desire to experience a vac bed and be completely encased? I can make this dream a reality.

  • Lock & Leave:

Imagine being locked away in a cage and left for hours. Or tightly belted, unable to move in my leather sleep sack. Maybe your desire is to melt away inside my rubber vac bed - all scenarios are possible for extended sessions of confinement. There you will stay for extended periods of time, your sensorial abilities revoked if I choose. Waiting. Yearning. 

  • Enforced Fitness:

Get off your fat ass and move that useless body! Sweat your bitch tits off for My amusement and try not to drop dead in the process please. This is for your own good so shut the fuck up and give Me 200!​ I'll be relaxing eating a pizza in the meantime.

  • CBT:

Trampling, kicking, slapping, punching, needles, hot wax, fire play, cigarettes, violet wand, clothes pegs, deep heat, electrics, weights, binding,.. Hold onto your cock & balls while you have them.

  • Puppy Play:

Here boy! Sit, stay, walk, speak! Wanna go for a walk? Play fetch? Puppies need toilet training.. Be good or I'll rub your nose in it! Act out and you'll be punished and put out in the cold. Be good and you can lick My feet and have a nice scratch on the belly. That's My favourite boy! You'll make a fine guard dog for Me.

  • Domestic Slave Training:

Your entire being will be moulded to meet My specific needs. Your purpose is to make my life easier and exceptionally comfortable. You will learn how and when to speak, how to prepare My food, do my laundry, clean My latex, scrub My boots, wash My dishes, how to perfectly rub My feet and generally tend to all My every desire. You will be collared upon arrival and expected to do/behave exactly how I say! A good domestic slave will be kept on permanently.

  • Adult Baby:

Does baby want to be held? Need to suckle on My thumb while I pet you on the bottom? It's ok baby, Mummy wont drop you. Lets pop you in the crib and you can play with your toys. Here's your binky, no crying now baby. Are you hungry? Open your little mouth wide and I'll give you something to suck on...


  • Orgasm Control:

Weather you're jerking your dick under My very watchful eye, adhering to exact instruction, or I'm tantalising you Myself, you will be teased mercilessly and pushed to the edge.. but no no no, you may not cum until I say! Maybe I'll count down from 10... maybe I'll give you 100 strokes until orgasm.. Maybe I'll keep you on the edge and then grow bored and send you off with a raging hard on and blue balls.. haha! 

  • Financial Domination:

You only exist to fund My lifestyle. I love designer clothes, shoes and all the finest things in life. You're My personal bank and I will live off you. Work your ass off for Me, slave away for the money I will spend with My friends while we laugh at you. Shower Me with gifts and show Me how much you adore your Queen - I may even let you watch as I try on expensive lingerie. Pay My bills and you could become something of a commodity to Me. Wouldn't you like that? To be important and have a purpose?

  • Sharps Play:

Feel the sting while I penetrate you with various tools such as hypodermic needles, hooks, acupuncture needles, staples and more. Stay very very still, my sharps may be small but they pack a punch depending on where I put them (forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, chest, belly, cock, scrotum, taint, anus, hands, lips.. so many possibilities). Lose yourself in the delicious pain and euphoric pleasure I offer your body and mind.

  • Smoking & Human Ashtray:

Kneel before Me nice and close. Light My cigarette and watch Me inhale and slowly exhale bellowing smoke from My luscious, perfectly painted lips. I'll blow smoke rings into your face, your eyes, mouth.. on your cock and balls. Receive My ash, it has to go somewhere.. Where will I put it? your hand.. your mouth.. your asshole? hmm.

  • Interrogation:

Shut the fuck up and only speak when spoken to! You're My prisoner now and I will get the answers I'm looking for - however need be! Maybe you will walk out of here in one piece.. Maybe in pieces.. Maybe not at all. Don't lie, I can smell a liar a mile away and you stink!

  • Double Domme:

One Domme is good. Two Domme's are so much better.

While in London, I session with the incomparable and deliciously evil Mistress Evilyne, specialising in hard sports & pegging sessions!



Take note of proper etiquette before booking your session!