Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really have to pay a deposit?

A: Yes. Deposits are non-negotiable and non-refundable and weed out time wasters and no shows. Deposits are also mandatory for booking dungeon spaces and 100% securing your time with me. Should I have to cancel our sessions and we cannot reschedule, a refund can be discussed.

Q: Can we have sex during our session?

A: No. I do not have sex with My slaves. Ever! I am a Dominatrix - should you want a sexual service dont waste either Mine or your time and consult a professional escort.

Q: Will you be naked during our session?

A: I can and will wear as much or as little as I prefer during O/our session. Should you respectfully request a specific outfit (such as a leather, latex, uniform, etc) I will do My best to accommodate.

Q: I'm a novice to fetish and kink.. Will you see me for a session?

A: Of course! My clients range from complete first-timers to seasoned players. I love to guide and nurture novice kinksters through all experiences in BDSM so dont worry your little head, I'll take care of you. Feeling nervous is incredibly exciting and actualy a big turn on, but there is nothing to be scared of. I practise Risk Aware Consensual Kink and do not harm My clients. Upon arrival W/we will have a 5-10 minute chat to settle all your questions and concerns. As long as you are respectful, brave, open and follow instruction, we will be good.

Q: Can we session in an alternative location?

A: Of course! There are many fully equipped dungeons in North, East or Central London that I enjoy visiting with my boys! Bare in mind, dungeons incur a £50 per hour hire fee. I will discuss outcalls to an alternative location, such as a 5 star hotel - however I will need 50% of the session cost paid up front, confirmation along with full details regarding the the location, prior to the session. All travel expenses are to be paid by you of course. Sessions held at hotels (5 stars only) incur a £50ph fee on top of my tribute.

Q: Do you switch?

A: No, I do not switch. I do double domme sessions with other Professional Domina's and am open to discuss co-topping with couples in a session.

Q: Can I purchase your intimate items?

A: Yes! You can buy My used/worn shoes, heels, socks, stockings, tampons, sex toys, almost anything your little perverted mind and come up with! Contact Me via email, let me know what you want to purchase and we can discuss prices and payment options.

Q: Are there any slave positions available in your private life?

A: Yes. There is currently an opening for a house slave in My domestic space. The position requires cleaning, washing clothes, cooking, hoovering, foot rubs, running errands, driving Me around, airport runs, filming and/or being featured in clips and anything else I need done to make My life easier. I am looking for someone trustworthy, who is reliable and can commit to at least one day a week. Should you be worthy, you will be taken on long term and possibly collared as one of My personal slaves. To apply, head to the Contact section of My site and shoot Me an email!

Q: Do you accept gifts?

A: Yes - I adore gifts! You can visit My amazon wishlist for a more personalised gift: Or gift Me an Amazon gift card. I also accept cash tributes (via various payment options). When you visit Me for a session, I always love a beautiful French dry white wine, champagne and dark chocolate :)

Q: What kind of people do you see?

I have been made aware that there are Dommes operating who will not see certain clients based on their race. I NEVER discriminate against anyone who wishes to come and session with Me due to their race, size, shape, religion, sex, gender identity, mental/physical abilities, etc. Who wont I see? Those of you who are: rude, disrespectful, unhygenic, heavily intoxicated, wish to practice anything non consensual, unsafe and/or illegal, pressure Me for sexual services which I do not provide or cannot afford My time - all of which has nothing to with WHO you are but HOW you behave and conduct yourself.

Q: Where are your sessions held?

A: I conduct in-call sessions at My private fully stocked dungeon space in East London.
My space includes: - Steel frame
- Leather sling
- Bondage bed - Vac bed
- Human size cage
- Spanking bench
- Torture chair
- Toilet seat
- St Andrew's Cross
- Leather sleep sack
- Iron stocks and more!