My limits

​​I have a few simple and straightforward rules that you adhere to.

These are My hard limits and you will need to respect them as you would expect Me to respect yours.​

  • You are to call me "Miss" or "Mistress" at all times in correspondence and in person.

  • I do not offer intimate body worship or sexual services. Don't waste both of our time by asking, begging or pressuring. I wont repeat myself.

  • You do not have consent to touch me unless I give you expressed permission to do so. Should you want to, you may ask. If you cannot control yourself, the session will end and you will be dismissed immediately.

  • I only participate in Risk Aware Consensual Kink. Safe words are discussed and hard limits are respected.

  • You are to arrive on time or 5 minutes early to all bookings to ensure play begins on time. Should you be running late send an email or text, I will do you the same courtesy.

  • If you are over 15 mins late with no contact, I will assume you are a no-show and the session will be terminated with your deposit withheld.

Prior to the session

  • It bares repeating: to secure a session with Me you are to transfer a non-refundable deposit of £100. This enables Me to book a dungeon if and/or confirm My time with you. This is non-negotiable and non-refundable.

**Total amount for a session is My time + cost of dungeon hire**

  • Dungeon hire is paid for by YOU - THIS IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE RATE FOR MY TIME.

  • I require confirmation via email or text 24 hours before W/we meet.

  • Upon arrival I expect the remaining amount upfront within an envelope, less the deposit.

  • Although you will be required to shower before play begins, you should always practice strong personal hygiene. This is a must or you will be scrubbed red raw until I am satisfied or dismissed.

I conduct My sessions out of The Blue Door Dungeon, The Bunker or Murder Mile - renown dungeons based in London. Wheelchair access will need to be prearranged so please let me know if/what you require.

My time is exceptionally precious and worth every penny which is reflected in My experience, vast skills and professionalism, which I have worked hard at to accumulate over the years.


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